Lmfao this shit happened last year with cbesse

He sent his own nudes to himself to expose prince ☕️

Not people are trying to edit shit together to get fame

Bye nigga .

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Plus I believe prince is attracted to Nala Rachel or Taylor

He loves rihanna , nicki , Lisa Bonet .

He always starting at girls asses at meet n greets

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The people who are exposing don’t got nudes of him cause all they want is five minutes of fame .

It always happen.

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but then like

prince if you ain’t stressin why tf you make a million and one tweets about it????

either speak up and let us know if you gay or not (not that it matters tbh) or shut the fuck up damn

He said already before he wasn’t gay . He doesn’t need to clear it up again

Some of y’all believe what fans say more then what y’all hear from prince

Y’all steady making assumptions about him being gay when he already said himself that he isn’t .

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Goes to wattpad

I swear some people in TM (mainly IG) are gullible as fuck

You would believe the guy who wants five seconds of fame over what prince says

That’s fake TM .

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So “supposedly ” prince has nudes

Prince is on twitter tweeting his how horny he is

Boy go watch pornhub

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